Diwali @ Hyderabad has always been memorable for me for different reasons. First time it was more of romantic reason, last time it was the darkest- after calling up 19 people in Hyderabad I found no one free for me, ended up the night watching Hannibal 1 & 2. This time I did not give a second thought when Nischal called me up to go to Kukatpally, Rickshaw Puller Colony Govt School to meet the 11 students selected for ILP scholarship program. Manmohan, Praveen and Narayana were also there.

It is often said you have to be good listener to be a good speaker. True, but when you’re sitting with people talking in an unknown language you can do your best if you act as a perfect observer. I always enjoy observing people even when I am sitting with friends in a cock-tail party amidst a heated argument. Whao! It is fun as well as knowledge gainer. I want to pen down a few things I observed this diwali morning.

  • Suneetha’s speech: She was simply awesome. The way she included all the points in her speech, much appreciated. It is not always about doing good works, how you communicate it out with all details, rules and pre-conditions– that clearly depicts the whole purpose.

  • The story of a girl: One of the selected candidates was describing her background and why she needs the scholarship. She has been fighting with her parents and relatives who were against her study. But she stands alone, earning money by teaching here and there for her own study. “I want to be a teacher, and when I will have some money I will start organization like you to help poor students like myself”…… That was enough to draw tears from everyone’s eyes.

  • Narayana’s speech: Narayan’s speech (followed by Manmohan’s speech in english) about ILP and then on importance of communication skills spiced up the occasion. He started by giving the background on how ILP started and then went on to elaborate the story in his own style (“One day suddenly he called me up…..) and William Adams style body language during the communication speech. Nice!


  • What’s your name’: It was a small break in between. I was sitting alone in the last bench. Suddenly, the two girls sitting in front of me turned back to ask “What is your name?” Whoaa! I am finding it difficult to admit, but ….no! no! I was not under-estimating them.



I want to value the time I spent by writing a blog always by penning down the learnings, rather appropriately ‘things for future’

  • A scholarship to worthy people can really ignite his/her aspiration and notion towards life.

  • I was thinking of some fund-raising events for the library in Assam. But in a place like mine, where people hesitate to spend Rs10, the concept of fund raising event for a non-profit trust have to be very innovative. 2-3 ideas are clicking.

  • Touch of appeal+ humour+ body language should be there in a good speech.

  • Scholarships, if possible, should take care of the basic needs (like schoolbags, cloth) of the students.

  • Two breads with a bit of jam can make wonders for some occasions.

  • Of course, how to make good start to a Diwali day!!

By : Manjit Nath