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Contribution(in Rs.) Impact
10,000 Low cost science experiment kits for 4 Govt. schools
10,000 Support for starter kit of books for 1 mobile library
15,000 Set up mini libraries in 3 Govt. schools
20,000 Support for Teacher Training for 5 Govt. School teachers
25,000 Scholarship for 2 students to continue studies post 10th class
30,000 Support for 1 vidya volunteer (para teacher) in 1 school for 3 months
50,000 Support for summer camps for children of 5 govt schools
75,000 Functional literacy for 100 women
1 Lakh Career counseling in for 1000 students of Class X  (approx 10 Govt schools)

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Donations in India are 50% deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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