I’ve had the privilege of working with the ILP team for the past 2 years, and it has been nothing but eye opening ! I sincerely thank the team for the continuous effort taken by them to achieve national literacy.  

One of the assignments I was given as part of the project was “Content Development” – developing online content using interactive means such as videos, pictures and activities – used as a teaching aid in government schools . This was both a challenging as well as humbling experience. On one hand, the content I developed had to be simplified into tiny easy-to-understand bits no matter how hard the concept may be. It was some tough work ! On the other hand, the fact that my work was providing underprivileged children with the power of knowledge and brightening their lives was enough to push me forward.


Recently, I was also given the opportunity to teach students of ” Zilla Parishad High School, Madhapur” as part of the Summer Camp organized by ILP. The experience I gained throughout the time I taught there was indeed enriching:

When I first walked inside and scanned the classroom, I knew it was going to be a hard day –  children were running around, screaming, fighting, laughing and crying. But truthfully, it wasn’t hard at all. When the children saw me, they quickly scurried back to their places sitting neatly in rows. “ The session started with my brother teaching them how to make “origami butterflies” – it was a blast ! Everyone was so engaged and enjoyed the process thoroughly. By the end of the activity, every one of the 40 students were waving origami butterflies in their hand with a smile on their face ! I was surprised by how easy it was to teach them. Next, my mom and I read a picture book, teaching new words and correlating them to the pictures, while the students eagerly listened and learnt with passion. By the end of the story, everyone was tired and hungry. But that didn’t stop them from ending the day on a high note. The last activity was a Boys vs Girls Quiz. The girls seated on the left side of the classroom, while the boys seated on the right. We started asking questions to both teams from Math and English. It was certainly a fierce battle, with the girls team winning by a small margin ! It was about time for the children to leave after the quiz, so we said our goodbyes, shook hands and parted.


That day I left the school with a feeling of satisfaction and joy. I felt happy that I was able to create a fun, memorable experience in their lives, which they could run back home, share with their families and laugh about. The kind of delight one derives from serving the community greatly differs from any other. It is the kind which warms your heart, forces a smile and relieves your soul. This was the first time I felt that delight. That experience motivated me to go twice more, and by the time I parted for the last time, I had already learnt a great deal of things. It was sad to say goodbye, but humbling to have my own little positive impact on the world.