It all started when I signed up with the India Literacy Project to teach underprivileged children chess in a government school. On the first day i was thinking, “Can’t wait for this to be over”, “How long is this going to take”. When I walked into the classroom the children, who,upon seeing me, scuffled and and sat in their places.After I had begun teaching, each and every single one had their eyes on me, patiently listening to every word  I said. I was quite surprised to see how quickly they caught onto the game of chess, when I myself took a while learn it. From that point I started enjoying teaching these little children, as it was completely new experience , however for me interacting with them personally was more important than teaching because it was a chance for to get to know them on a personal. After the first day, the rest of the 2 weeks felt like a breeze and it was over before I knew it.

As a whole this entire program was eye-opening for me since this was my first time doing something like this and it was truly marvellous and I would definitely continue helping and interacting with underprivileged children.