The Career Counseling Workshop Project of ILP Hyderabad presently covers 4 Zilla Parishad High Schools.

ILP is using the resources of a partner organization “Nirmaan Vidhya Helpline” to reach out to more children this academic year than previous years. Students in 9th & 10th grades of these schools are mentored regularly in this project. Three workshops are planned in each school using a bilingual career chart and detailed description of the career paths are available after X class.

A total of 809 students belonging to four schools are being counselled and guided on their career options and corresponding higher education paths and this will enable them to reach their goals.

ILP believes in optimal use of resources and is proud of its cost efficiency wherein we are able to run this program at a cost of only Rs 25 per student per session, in other words at just Rs 75 per student we are able to impart 3 sessions of career guidance. Keeping the cost low enables the program to reach larger number of students and also keeps the program repeatable and sustainable.

Our vision is to expand this project to multiple districts across the State of Telangana. We also intend to set up a Multi Dimensional Learning Space – an after school program to support the govt. high school students to compete with other students.