We are all a part of Digital era now. Digital media attracts the children to a great extent. What they see gets recorded in their memory for a longer time and they understand better.  This idea is what drives us to teach the curriculum digitally using animated videos so that the children are more interested, understand better and enjoy the classroom sessions a lot.

Most of the Government schools currently do not have these facilities. So, ILP hyderabad co ordinates with “Bodhaguru”, a social enterprise that aims to make school learning interesting , relevant and affordable to the children. ILP hyderabad provides the “Bodhaguru NJoy Learning Device” across many schools.

This is an affordable teaching aid that is very simple to operate and makes learning an enjoyable experience for the children. The product is a complete package – hardware, software and educational content. It includes a small set-top box device, BodhaGuru software, BodhaGuru content (lesson plans, slide shows, story videos, detailed videos, thoughtful questions, eBooks and applications). All you need is a small TV (or projector) and lots of passion….. Simply connect this device to your TV (or projector) and NjoyLearning will help teachers to easily explain the core concepts of the school curriculum, while the children are completely immersed and enjoying this new learning experience

The volunteers at ILP Hyderabad take up teaching with this device and make learning fun for the children.