Research has found that the quality of teachers is the single most important factor in student performance. Other factors (economic status, private vs. government schools, urban vs. rural, medium of instruction etc.) have been found to be less significant. The teacher mentoring program aims to adopt the philosophy behind Project ECHO for capacity building of teachers through tele-mentoring.

Project ECHO is a model for lifelong medical learning and collaborative practice. This program links front-line primary care clinicians with specialist care teams at university medical centers to manage patients who have chronic conditions requiring complex care. It is transforming the way medical knowledge is shared and translated into everyday practice and, in the process, enabling thousands of people in remote and medically underserved communities to get the care they couldn’t easily get before, if at all.

Passionate about creating a change, teachers at Ambience Public School, New Delhi worked closely with Project ECHO to leverage the model being used in healthcare and replicate it in the education sector; and after a series of efforts – the ECHO Teacher Mentoring project was born.

Project ECHO and ILP Hyderabad have come together to facilitate online training and mentoring for teachers in Government Schools across Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. The program has adopted the philosophy behind Project ECHO for capacity building of teachers through mentoring using technology; which is done in school premises by regular teleconferencing twice a month (two each for English and Math) at a fixed date and time.

ILP Hyderabad provides lapbooks and the necessary internet connectivity to all the teachers participating the ECHO program. Training is given to these teachers on how to use the technology to take part in these sessions.

These interactive sessions help the teachers to identify solutions to the common problems they face and also gives the government teachers a chance to interact with each other too.