With a very simple objective in mind—to bring meaningful and fluent literacy into the classrooms for the economically challenged, and with a growing number of volunteers, there was a consensus that there should be a method to the intervention, so that the difference that we are aiming to make transcends short-term token charity and translates into something truly meaningful. Thus was born “Pustaka” – ILP Hyderabad’s first project. The aim was always to show, involve, and then let the methodology permeate the school system. At the heart of the program lies the need for good children’s literature that is easily accessible to children and teachers.


Today, Pustakam initiative has completed a decade. Pustakam helps improve reading and comprehension skills in primary school children. The children are engaged through reading storybooks, interactive storytelling, enacting and drawing pictures of the story. It has helped improve the language competency levels of the children in both Telugu and English. Pustakam inculcates love of reading at an early age and with its fun and interactive method, makes children look forward to coming to school.